Trainee Information

ST1, ST2, ST3

This is where you will find a wealth of information with regards to your VTS training here in Mid Sussex.

Specific information for ST1s, ST2s and ST3s can be found within that area of the website, however the vast majority of information is pertinent to all trainees, no matter which year of training they are in..

We hope to continue to build an effective resource for all our trainees (and trainers) and are happy to recieve suggestions as to what you would like to see on the website. Some information changes quickly and without warning and this is difficult for us to keep up to date, therefore in some circumstances, rather than having the information here on our website, we will redirect you (with a link) to the approrpiate website (and page if possible).

There is a huge amount of information to take on board, all dependent on your circumstances. The important areas for all are study leave, annual leave, out of hours, the GP curriculum and the ePortfolio. It is important to read these sections and become familiar with the use of these.