Study Leave

Achieve your Potential

The HEKSS GP School aims to maximize the study potential of its trainees and to ensure that educational support is targeted appropriately at the learning outcomes of the GP curriculum. Whilst you are in a hospital post, you will be supported by both your Clinical Supervisor (normally one of your consultants) and your Educational Supervisor (GP Trainer).

In each hospital post you will be able to have a planned day to go and meet with your Educational Supervisor in their GP Practice. This will allow you to have close support and educational supervision, to check that your learning and assessments are on track, for you to link your experience of medicine in your specialty post with the patient experience in general practice, and thus to know what areas of your post are particularly useful for GP. The curriculum mapping guidance will also be very helpful for you in doing this.

In addition the GP School provides a number of supported learning days targeted at the areas you will need in order to manage the curriculum learning outcomes and all the assessments. In this way the School provides all the educational support that you will need in order to become a GP.

Your Programme Directors will work with you to determine your specific educational needs, how these can be met and the best way to do this. The School does provide some additional financial support both in the hospital and the GP placements that can be used for additional learning activities if appropriate to your agreed learning needs. You will need to discuss this with both your Educational Supervisor and your Programme Director. HEKSS has produced study leave guidelines for all trainees which can be found on the HEKSS website.

General principles
  • Not an entitlement, but an allowance
  • 30 days study leave per year
  • Study leave should be taken spread across ST1/2 (10 days per 4 months)
  • Study leave is usually calculated in days / half days (see above)
  • GP Specialty Training Half Day Release (‘VTS’) in ST3 uses 15 days
  • Should be planned in advance with Educational Supervisor & Programme Director
  • All study leave should be relevant to General Practice and developing competences required for CCT in GP and PDs review any doubt re suitability of proposed leave
  • Must be requested well in advance, in line with Trust policy (usually 6 weeks).
  • All requests should reflect PDP entries on e-portfolio
  • Examination leave (for sitting of each examination) is additional to 30 days
  • Private study leave prior to AKT can be taken – duration to be negotiated between ES and trainee, but no specific limit
  • Up to 3 days private study prior to CSA
  • No additional study leave during extensions – study time is included in the weekly plan
  • In the event of exam failure, no additional study leave is provided – when it’s gone, it’s gone
  • GP practice days and  KSS wide study days are compulsory
  • ST1/2 learning sets  - to facilitate attendance consider booking study leave
  • Remainder of study leave allowance discretionary, including private study for exams
  • Approval from your Programme Director is required. This needs to be provided in writing, usually via e-mail.
  • For GPST1/2 trainees : Allowance claimed via Acute Trust
  • All GPST3 trainees : Allowance claimed via HEKSS GP School
  • Regional study days, GP learning sets and Half-day release (VTS) all provided free of charge
  • GP Practice days £100 per day fee claimed by ES from the GP ST1/2 trainee study leave allowance in line with local arrangements
  • Total budget is £860 per annum for 2014/5.


For more information see the study leave guidelines for all trainees which can be found on the HEKSS website.