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A Quick Catch-up

Date: Thursday 12 March 2015, 22:58

Entry written by: Guest

Well the sun is shining and if the weather men are to be believed we are due a warm, sunny spring Saturday tomorrow. VTS is due to restart on April 9th. May I remind all our ST1’s and ST2’s we would love for you to attend the Thursday sessions whenever you can (by applying for study leave in advance) especially the whole day special events. It’s good to stay in touch with us when you are in hospital posts and also to know that Mandy, Lara and myself are always contactable.

Many of our ST3’s are currently doing the CSA and we wish them all good luck with this.

Looking forward to catching up with some of our trainers on Tuesday and Wednesday for the Trainer residential, hopefully it will be a good venue as well as educational!

Just thought I’d share a useless bit of trivia; Did you know that February 2015 had 4 of each day of the week and this will not be repeated for another 823 years?


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